"Getting started, Clicking with your Rabbit” is a book that everyone who shares their life with a rabbit should have. The authors have extensive training knowledge and have succeeded in writing a book that explains in simple language how to start training a rabbit to do just about anything.  

Clicker training has really helped our rabbits at Bunnies Urgently Needing Shelter (BUNS) become more confident. The rabbits show off their new tricks like giving kisses and jumping hurdles for potential adopters.  

Do you have doubts when you hear “rabbit” and “train” in the same sentence? Think again, rabbits are highly trainable and enjoy the mental stimulation and social interaction of learning new behaviors with their caretakers. Clicker training is an easy, gentle method that even children can use. Get your clickers, carrots and this wonderful new book and find out just how smart your bunny really is."

Andrea Bratt Frick - BUNS shelter volunteer for 10+ years


"Clicking with Your Rabbit is an eye-opening adventure into the minds of rabbits!  I'm for anything that helps us enjoy our pets more, encourages us to build stronger human-animal relationships, or deepens our understanding and appreciation of our fuzzy companions, and this book does it all."

Jan Biniok - Pet Writer and Author - TheAnimalPen


"I have been working with Bridget, a very frightened rabbit, and working to get her more social. I am also working with teaching one of the other rabbits, Fonz, to follow me around. It's fun to work with them! The book is wonderful."

Angela - S California Rabbit and Pocket Pet Adoptions


"We love the book, and Haiku seems to really enjoy our training sessions. She has become very good at following a target, and will run and follow me across the room, and also sit up on her hind legs. We are currently working up to "gimme ten!" 

Tania Fardella - 24 Carrot Lane


"I loved your book and passed it on to our Rabbit Advocates, about 33 strong that LOVE and rescue rabbits. I know they will find great delight in it. I will tell people all about it."

Carol Shively - Education Manager - Oregon Humane Society


"I'm still getting comments about our Pet Talk program.  Even people who don't have rabbits are intrigued and some (I believe) are seriously considering a bunny pet after hearing the program."

Jean Meyer - Host of Pet Talk