Who me? Train my rabbit? Of course you can train your rabbit, and this delightful book explains exactly how to do it.

Why train my rabbit? Why indeed ... to have fun, improve quality of life, use a litter box, come when called, get along with others and more.

When is there time to train my rabbit? Train him at feeding time and 5 minutes here, 3 minutes there. Anyone has time to train a bunny.

What stuff do I need? All you need is a clicker and food that your bunny likes.

How can I get started? Click here to buy the book and get clicking with your rabbit. (You will be transferred to the KPCT webstore for your purchase)

Where can I find a rabbit trainer to help me? You can host a clicker bunny seminar for your shelter or organization or join the clicker critters discussion group.

Where can I buy fun toys, food and other great stuff for my bunny? Visit Small Pet Select for all your rabbit needs




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